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Mercredi 04 Mai 2016
What follows is an adaptation in English of France Stratégie’s working paper on job benefits and protections in the 21st century workplace. It is part of the 2017/2027 project, which examines in depth the key issues France will face in the decade to come.
2017/2027 - Job Benefits and Protections for 21st Century Workers

Read the original on the French-language website.

The workplace is undeniably in the midst of profound change. Not only has job security been battered over the past few decades, but the very nature of work is being transformed in the digital age.

In addition to an uptick in short-term contracts in many countries, more and more workers are forsaking the traditional subordinated employee-employer relationship for more flexible working arrangements. Witness the rise in part-time work and freelancing and their facilitation by online platforms.

In the face of this, it is becoming increasingly clear across advanced economies that the current framework for employee benefits and protections is failing these non-traditional workers.

France Stratégie analysts Cécile Jolly, Emmanuelle Prouet and Vanessa Wisnia-Weill examine this in a recent paper, asking whether the rules need to be adapted or rewritten outright to provide these workers with an employment safety net.

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Source : Eurostat, “Labour Force Survey”, 15 to 64-year-olds (Metropolitan France).

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